CHRISTmas Time

It Christmas Time again! Were always filled with a warm feeling during this time, our hearts grow tender with childhood memories. I absolutely love Christmas time! the lights, music and wonderful traditions get to be revived. The month of December is a time of peace, being together with family and charitable giving. Every year our family takes an Angel from the giving tree (just what we call donating to a person in need) and makes there Christmas memorable. This year instead of a child we decided to change it up and give to a senior! We are all so very excited because unlike last year we get to take the gifts to the person ourselves! This is such a blessing to be able to care for and give, to live our life's teaching and following in Heavenly Fathers footsteps.
Happy Holidays Everyone!


Birdhouse Mansions

Arnt these adorable!! For Family Home Evening My husband had this great idea to make birdhouses! As you can see we got REALLY creative. They didn't take long at all to make. And the best part is...we didn't spend a penny!! My husband had all this old scrap wood that was just taking up room and the paint was left overs from when we moved in the house. I had to show these baby's off, there just to cute to keep to myself.
OUR FHE: Every Monday we pull from a jar little slips of paper that we have wrote things that we wanted to do for FHE. Its very fun! We also have a FHE Journal that we record all of our evenings. This past Monday we pulled "Make 72 hour kits" so my next blog should be about Making our 72 hour kits. It was my idea of course so that means I'm to have a lesson prepared. I'm really excited and cant wait to show pictures an experiences!!


Scrapbook Album

"Memory is the one Garden of Eden which of one need never be cast. Good Memories are real blessings."

I had lots of fun today creating my "Masterpiece" hehe (well after all that time and all those cramps, I think I'm going to call it a masterpiece) I finally had time while my princess was playing Sleeping Beauty :) to get started on a Christmas present from my husband :] ...Yes that's right, A Christmas present. My Husbands wonderful Aunt gives classes on how to make these precious albums. These are really Fun! Great Gift ideas too!!


Progress amd Improve

Well I'm pretty new at this, but I have a feeling I'm going to like it. Being a Wife and Mother at the age of 21 can really make you want to express some feelings or interest.
I'v recently moved to a new area and being a stay at home mom can leave you with a lot of time on your hands. Our church was very welcoming and lv made quite a few friends for only living here almost a year. Iv decided I'm going to plan most my days with activites. I'm going to try an come up with a list of projects I want to do while I have this time. My goals are volunteering projects, self reliance projects, cooking projects and of course my favorite, arts and crafts. I'm hoping to have people read and find interest in this and maybe inspire others to get involved also.
"As you create Beauty and as you are compassionate to others- God will encircle you in the arms of his Love." D&C 6:20