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"Memory is the one Garden of Eden which of one need never be cast. Good Memories are real blessings."

I had lots of fun today creating my "Masterpiece" hehe (well after all that time and all those cramps, I think I'm going to call it a masterpiece) I finally had time while my princess was playing Sleeping Beauty :) to get started on a Christmas present from my husband :] ...Yes that's right, A Christmas present. My Husbands wonderful Aunt gives classes on how to make these precious albums. These are really Fun! Great Gift ideas too!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Holly, I often imagine my own music, happy you stopped by one of my blogs, I'd rather be Outside. When I 'follow' a blog I add it to my list of blogs for Amazing people who Blog, but wasn't sure which one to put you in, so I put you in my artC me blog list. Love what you're doing, show us more!