Bucket List in the making

Surprise! Surprise!
I have a bucket list now. Motivation for my epic journey (there's that word again (l just love it) :) ). Here's my collection.

1) Go to Italy
Hmm I have to say, this one deff cliche, but who wouldn't want to

2) Learn to Tango an/or Swing dance
My hubs done alittle swinging and I just can't miss out

3) Buy a Two Story House
Ok so here's my reasoning: My daughter has to have stairs to walk down for prom, while her date awaits her ... Cheesy?

4) Be Sealed in Temple as a Family
Actually, Wev made plans for this by the end of this year :)

5) Own a 700$ Pair of Shoes
..... Just because

6) Ride 1st Class on a Plane
I'm wondering if its any different then how us regular ppl fly

7) Go to New York an Re-enact the "Time square Kiss"
(Simply romantic)

8) Learn a Different Language
Most likely Spanish

9) Start and Finish Collage

10) Write a Short Novel
Possibly about adventures in completing my bucket list

11) Meet someone Famous
I'm not talking about in concert either.

12) Attend Super Bowl Live

13) Hike the Grand Canyon
Would be amazing!

Hopefully Iv inspired you to create your own. Or maybe you already have one


Ready or Not Here She Comes

Irenes Making here way to the East Coast :/

All my family decided to not evacute for the storm :(
so If you could all please keep them in your prayers please.
Im a big scaredy cat, so Im glad I am not back home right now, but wishing my family was here with me.


Vacation, at home

Wanted to show off a project I finished during my two wonderful whole days off of work :) I'm squeezing everything possible I can into them and managed to get this shelf from my bedroom finished! I had abandoned it outside for a week :( I'm sure its happy to be back, I am!!

I painted and sanded and as always it turns out ... um whats the word ... to die for :)

Looks even better in person! Am super excited.


.50 cent paint

Loving this paint I was able to find at Home Depot for .50 cent! yes ma'am I typed .50 cent. Apparently all the paint that is blended wrong for a buyer gets marked really cheap and put out to sale. Looks like I found my new addiction :)

The frame didn't look all that bad before, well it need alittle tender loving, but I wanted to try that paint out bad before I applied it to a bigger project :)


Project: Wednesday

Iv been skipping thru blogs for weeks now, looking for different ideas since Iv takin on this huge project and decided to redecorate my living room. I have a very small budget, So Im going to make use of what we already have :) Time consuming, yes I know, but Im pretty sure Im going to have fun.
Finally, I had some free time on my hands today!
So what did I do?
Pizazzed our plain jane lamp up alittle bit!

Freshened up our ancient victorian style mirror :)

Flowers on the lamp were inspired by Ucreate Blog, love it


Soaking up some sun

Moments like these are what I live for. I'm having so much fun with Audre :) she brings the inner kid out of me!

Moments like these scare me. Not so much the fact my little baby is jumping off a diving board. My little baby is brave and taking chances in her little life. Testing things out and leaving me behind :(

Next thing I know jumping turns into driving for the first time

I am grateful for these moments. These are the film strips that play my life. And this is one amazing movie.


Our trip to the Houston Zoo

As a kid I can remember my dad taking me to the North Carolina Asheville Zoo. Hearing the word Zoo, due to all the exciting memories, always brings a sense of vacation and relaxation to heart.

I believe I accomplished the same feelings today with my princess. She enjoyed every second exploring today. Our supplies were, Dora backpack, Dora camcorder, and Dora watch. She was adorable and amazing at capturing footage on her play camcorder :)

I was so amazed at her fearless approaches to all the reptiles. Especially surprised about her favorite, the crocodile.

The most exhilarating moment of the day was our last stop to the giraffes. She was drawn in by there appearance and it didn't stop her from wanting to feed them. Of course the funest part was Audre calling everything a cow. I'm so glad we got to take this adventure together. I look forward to many more.
Life as a mommy is the best!
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Watermelon Memories

Have you ever wanted to have a watermelon fight? How about a watermelon fight with your mom?
I did!

Every time I see or smell watermelon, it always brings back that wonderful memory. An ordinary day, enjoying watermelon outside because of the juicy amazing mess it causes with every bite. Turning into a playful mother daughter memory never forgotten.
I wish so badly that I will be able to engrave in my daughter unforgettable memories with the simplest of things like Watermelon. I believe there are moments like these hidden in everyone's days waiting to be played. I want to live life epic (I love this word) and enjoy every young year I have my daughter, there only little once! :)