Bucket List in the making

Surprise! Surprise!
I have a bucket list now. Motivation for my epic journey (there's that word again (l just love it) :) ). Here's my collection.

1) Go to Italy
Hmm I have to say, this one deff cliche, but who wouldn't want to

2) Learn to Tango an/or Swing dance
My hubs done alittle swinging and I just can't miss out

3) Buy a Two Story House
Ok so here's my reasoning: My daughter has to have stairs to walk down for prom, while her date awaits her ... Cheesy?

4) Be Sealed in Temple as a Family
Actually, Wev made plans for this by the end of this year :)

5) Own a 700$ Pair of Shoes
..... Just because

6) Ride 1st Class on a Plane
I'm wondering if its any different then how us regular ppl fly

7) Go to New York an Re-enact the "Time square Kiss"
(Simply romantic)

8) Learn a Different Language
Most likely Spanish

9) Start and Finish Collage

10) Write a Short Novel
Possibly about adventures in completing my bucket list

11) Meet someone Famous
I'm not talking about in concert either.

12) Attend Super Bowl Live

13) Hike the Grand Canyon
Would be amazing!

Hopefully Iv inspired you to create your own. Or maybe you already have one


Karina Wetzel said...

Hi Holly! Thank you so much for Linking up your bucket list :)

I enjoyed reading it! And there are a lot of things on here that I would like to ad to my list ;) So thanks for that!!! I love number #3 & 4! oh and of course I would like to go to Italy too.... Awesome List

Thanks for sharing,

Kayla and Josh said...

This is such a cute bucket list!! lol My husband and I totally need to make one! lol I like the go to Italy one! I really want to finish learning french and go to paris! :) And Being sealed as a family is such a great idea!! Oh and the buy a 2 story house...that's totally on my list! only I want to build it! The whole walking down the stairs thing is AWKWARD! I made my date go somewhere else cause it was too weird! hahah

Thanks for following my blog! i've added you to my side bar so I can see when you update yours! :)

OneMooreFamily said...

Fabulous list from a fabulous girl! I have kept my bucket list in my head - guess I've been too timid to commit to paper. You've inspired me again! Mine is going on paper and it may look a bit like yours!! You're the best!

Brenda H said...

I have started my own, but it is so hard to put so many dreams onto paper.

Being sealed together is one of the most amazing things I have witnessed other families do!

Mary Bertolino said...

I have a bucket list too! It's funny one of the things on my list is to also attend a super bowl!

Franny Faber said...

I enjoyed your bucket list. I have some of these in my head for my ultimate bucket list. Right now, I'm working on my 40 by 40 bucket list. 61 weeks to go!