Project Coming Soon :) EEKKK

Can You Guess?
Yes you got it! Wood pallets!
I'm super excited for the weeks to come. It seems wood pallets are very popular right now. Every time I have been able to find any that were free, someone scooped them up before I could. However today is the day my bad luck ends!
I have so many ideas and cant wait to get started. I'm going to share with you some of the projects I found that I want to complete. I have found most of the project inspiration through the wonderful world of Pinterest. However if you do not have an account I have provided a link for all.
First. pallet art
I'm thinking above my TV in the living room.
Going in the living room of course. Corresponding with the pallet art.
For the kitchen. Would look super cute with my distressed cabinets.
Nuff said its just to cute to not make.
For the bathroom. Not sure if I will do it exactly like it but very cute.
I will be sure to take pictures to share. Wish me luck :)

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Kayla and Joshua said...

How fun!! Good luck you'll probably make the cutest things ever! Can't wait to see! P.s. you need to blog more! :)