DIY Pallet Bed

Project 1
In the post before I shared some ideas for wood pallets I was able to get my hands on (wow there popular now) and promised to share the projects I would finish. Therefore below is a tutorial for Project 1.
OK ill admit, this project has actually been finished for about 2 months now :( ... I know I know ... but I'm excited to share with you now the wonderful Pallet Bed I made for my daughter Audre!
To begin I looked for the sturdy one of the pallets and the closes to the length of her toddler mattress. I then hammered in all the nails sticking out and added a nail or two too the wood slabs that needed it.
As you can tell from the top picture there were a couple slabs missing and one that was rotted and needed to be replaced. Thankfully my husband had quite a few scraps laying around I could dig through. From there I measured and cut to the right length for my pallet. After nailed to the pallet I then just needed to sand getting it ready for the paint. The sanding was done with my husband's electric sander.
Before I could paint however I wiped the pallet down to get rid of the saw dust it was covered in. THEN.... the painting! I choose just a plain cheap white paint. You can find it any where...family dollar even carries white paint...who knew... but I actually didn't have to buy any because we had some left over from a different project.
I then applied only one coat because the old antique look was what I was going for. Then after a day of drying I took the electric sander to the pallet again, focusing more on the edges and sides.
After this we went to Ace Hardware and bought 4 wheels to attach to the bottom for legs.
Next came the kinda hard part. Starting with a sheet of plywood cut out to the size I needed for a headboard (which we had left over from a different project :)) I used some thin baseboard pieces my husband had laying around (lucky me) to give it a frame. I used wood glue and my husband's nail gun to keep it in place. This idea came from here. Then it just needed some paint. I kept it simple and just matched it to the bed. After drying I took the nail gun to attach it to the bed frame. You cant really use heavy wood for the frame or it wont be sturdy when away from the wall.
These are the wheels we had choose.
The outcome is amazing! I really didn't think it was going to look this good. I'm very excited with the way it turned out. My daughters room is so little as it is so the bed is perfect!
You cant really tell in the picture but I ordered a mini chandelier online for the room as well :) its so cute! And Pink! :)
To be honest this whole project cost me 30$. I spent 30$ on the wheels :/
Which if I wasn't in such a hurry it probably would have been cheaper but I didn't feel like looking around. If your not as lucky as me with having scrap wood laying around and husband's tools, I believe you would still come out on top by choosing to make your own bed. Plus! you get the pleasure of telling everyone you make it! :)


Jenna said...

What a great idea! I love it! I've always wanted to make something with these but I have yet to do it. Cute blog :)

xo, jenna

Kayla and Joshua said...

That turned out amazing! I can't believe you did that all by yourself! Good job!! We need to do crafts together for sure!