Shabby Dress Form

Mod podge an book pages are my new best friend :)
I recently purchased a dress form wanting to use it as decorations in our bedroom.
Of course shabby chic is a must.
Since my book page wreath iv been obsessed with wanting to reuse book pages. So with a little pinterest browsing I was able to get an idea of what I wanted to create.
Im deff inlove :)


Book Page Wreath

O Pinterest....how addicting you are :)

I'm not sure if you have seen these but there getting popular on pinterest. Book page wreaths! there adorable. I was inspired by this ladies post.
I happen to have an extra window an chicken wire so ...waalaa! :) I have a perfect place for it too.


Kitchen Island Makeover

As a customer request I painted this dull wooden kitchen island an transformed it into a wonderful country cottage chic kitchen island. Love the black slightly peeking though.
Enjoy :)


Cottage Chic Coffee Table

White.....the perfect color.
The perfect shabby chic color that is :)
The new shabby cottage chic coffee table.


DIY House Number

My mother-in-law happen to give me these plates and plate rack...However my kitchen isnt decorated in roosters or western theme. ..so it was time to get creative! 
Thankfully our house number consist of three digits or I wouldn't have been able to do this.
Turned out super cute! :)


Red Shabby Chalkboard

Just like the ones before. Please check previous post for instructions.
Loving this country red!


Shabby Chic Chalkboard

Another Rachel Ashwell inspired piece.
If you don't know who she is or haven't checked her work out STOP what your doing an click HERE.
Warning: you may become addicted!  :)
For my Shabby Chic Chalkboard I stuck with a light pink pastel color leaving the white paint that was originally on it to pop through giving it the double layered color look.
With some chalk paint an distressing I turned a trashed cabinet door -found on the side of the road- into gorgeous house decor :)
BTW the burlap flowers where really quick an easy. Tutorial found in a pervious project post called Victorian chair.


Rachel Ashwell Inspired

Yay! Iv finally had the time to dedicate a piece toward Rachel Ashwells look.

This piece turned out super shabby chic.
It made to be an island but of course be adventurous an add some chairs :)
Wish my kitchen was bigger id keep it for myself.
Enjoy hope you love it


Vintage Shabby Coffee Table

Shabby makeover to my vintage coffee table. Added some mint chalk paint an rubbed it with sand paper tada :)
Hope you love it!


Team Audre Order Page

Team Audre T-Shirts
Team Audre
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Cystic Fibrosis
Team Audre Just Breathe Bracelets
With Saying Just Breathe in Placement


Tator Keeper :)

This lovely piece needed a lot of tlc.
After scrubbing it down I decided to take the original glass out and replace it with chicken wire.
Turned out awesome to me :)
Hope you like!


Project: Coffee Table

Loving this shabby chic coffee table!
Found this teasure in the trash :(
Who would be so mean. ...
Hope you like :)


Shabby Chic I Cant get Enough

Trash to treasure once again :)
Iv started trying this new technique of staining were I have distressed...an boy am I addicted!
It gives this amazing chic look :)
Im inlove once again.

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dresser drawer to doggie bed

Awesome example of
Trash to Treasure
Sadly I left a dresser we bought from a yard sale outside in the rain :(
It was ruined :(
however...... I definitely kept all those untouched drawers.
Iv been brain storming on different ways I can use them.
And here #1 dresser drawer creation :)
Hope you enjoy the blog
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Pantry Storage Makeover

I have to say...this piece needed alot of TLC.
A friend of mine purchased it at a yard sale and brought it straight to me.
I used mainly wood glue and a nail gun. O an lots of poking and hitting with a stick to get all those critters out that decided to use it as a home while not in use :)
She wanted red as the color so after lots of debating...I knew just what I wanted to do :)
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Craft Storage Cabinet Makeover

Finally did a piece that is ALL MINE!
Iv had this cabinet for awhile and really needed a new place to store my craft supplies.
So with a little paint and sanding....
My beautiful storage center is done :)
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Mint Green Makeover :)

Its been alittle while....
but heres my most recent project :)
I think I have fallin for this mint color
...aahhh so beautiful!
The table has a shabby cottage look to it.



Check it out!
Customer project is almost done :)
Thought I would go ahead an show it off
I only have three more chairs to go along
with it.
I'm in love with the rustic look.
Very Country

Hope you like :)
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Laundry Room Sign DIY

Its not furniture... but its super cute!
I had some scrap pallet wood left
over and couldn't let it go to waste.

Pinteret Inspired
Here's a tutorial that helped me
with the burlap bow, I just added

Enjoy Friends
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Victorian Chair

I am VERY proud of this project.
Sadly :( I keep kicking myself in the
behind for this....I didn't get a before
picture :(
I have had this chair for about two months
but I haven't had the time to dedicate to it.
I knew once I started working on it, I
wasn't going to rush. :) It deff paid off
LOOK I even made the pillow :)

The two links posted is references
I used to help me in the process.
ONE- Is for the reupholstering.
TWO- Is for the flowers made for the pillow.

Are you mesmerized?
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Shabby Chic End Table

This Vintage Shabby Chic end table
is finally finished. I kept pushing it
to the side for my bigger pieces that
needed to get done. Now that it is
done :) It would be a lovely accent piece
in any shabby or cottage chic home :)

Hope you like it :)
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Sewing Table DIY

I'm really in love with this one ..
My wonderful husband found this beautiful
piece on the side of the road :O
It was missing handles, so that was the only
thing I had to purchase. I do have some
spare handles but none perked my interest
for the sewing table.
And for the rest....painting and sanding
Paint and sand paper..
they were meant to be together :)
You cant stop love!

Hope you just adore it! :)
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Orange Peel Cleaner

You have to try this!
Why wouldn't you!?
  its cheap....and totally easy


Mason jar
White vinegar

Fill your mason jar about three quarters
of the way full with orange peel.
(Don't forget to enjoy your delicious
oranges (: )
Then simply pour your white vinegar
till all the orange peels are covered.
Seal the top and wait two weeks.
After two weeks strain your liquid for half
an half with water :)

You have a multi purpose cleaner :)


Shabby Side Table

Last piece for today is my Shabby Side Table.
Iv had this table for almost four years, once upon a time
it was used in our living room but its been in storage since.
I have no clue why I haven't worked on it or even thought
about it. But I am definitely in love with the outcome.
Sorry for not having a before picture :( slipped my mind.

Enjoy and Don't forget to follow :)

Kitchen Table makeover

My biggest project so far for me, has been this kitchen table :/
But all the hard work and time has deff paid off :)
We found this lovely piece on the side of the road.
I guess other people would have just looked at this as trash,
but in my eyes I could deff see potential.

The longest part of this project was removing the peeling
veneer. There is however an amazing blogger that has a
tutorial just for this click HERE to see.

Once that part was done and sanded all that was left
was staining and painting

Don't forget the best part....distressing :)

Look how awesome this "trash" turned out

Rustic Bed Frame

Its been while since I have posted, but don't think I haven't been busy!
I'll actually be posting three separate projects :)
Yup .. that busy!
For the Rustic Bed Frame I really didn't have to do much work.
You see my sweet wonderful Mother-in-law allowed me to scavenge
through her barn a couple weeks ago and this little treasure was found.
It WAS a site to see but with a little tender love and care its perfect.
After just sanding it the imperfections made it perfect :)
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Desk Makeover DIY

Shabby Desk Makeover
I have to say I'm in love with this piece, I will be sad seeing it go :(
The instructions for this is the same as the shabby dresser in one of my earlier post. Click here to see.
Hope you like :)
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Coffee Table DIY

My latest Project, A Shabby Coffee Table
Turned out super cute!
  • Find a super cute shabby color you love! Iv found that most pastel colors are the greatest for that cottage look :)
  • Now the original surface of the table seemed to be indestructible and even rocks couldn't scratch the surface so..... I used plain white primer so that the paint would stick for the finial color.
  • Once that was done I painted that whole table my awesome mint green color.
  • Then once dried, distress away! like I said in my shabby dresser post, the great thing about wanting a piece to be shabby is that it is not perfect. So you can stop distressing whenever you feel its at that perfect look your searching for :)
BTW I bought this coffee table for..... ready..... 5$
how awesome is that!
Hope you love it!
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Memories by the Mile


Pallet Wall Decor DIY

I finally found a stencil I would like on my wall! :)
Take a look!!!
Supply list
wood pallet
Internet (unless you already have a stencil)
I tore my wood pallet apart and cut and lined them to the size I wanted for my wall.
Next nail them in place.
The hardest part is the stencil, unless you have your own or you can find one at the store you like. I went on the Internet to find mine...then you just BLOW in up to the size you need and put white pieces of paper over your screen to trace...easy and CHEAP :)
Once you cut out your stencil just lay it on top of your wall pallet and sponge paint over. Its OK if a little gets under or out of place because the look is suppose to be shabby.
Just have fun with it :)
Then lift the stencil and let it dry!
Taahdaa :)


Retro Chevron DIY

Yes its another!
I just love chevron pattern!
I purchased this side table from a yard sale for 5$
Since it wasn't expensive I wanted to experiment on it with Mod Podge. I have yet to use it on furniture.
Supply List
Paint of choice
Scrapbook Paper or fabric of choice
Mod Podge
First I applied the paint. This table required two coats.
The top piece however I covered with mod podge and laid my chevron scrapbook paper carefully over. Then applied two more coats of mod podge over the scrapbook paper.
Easy as that! and cheap (my favorite part) :)
I think it looks Retro :)
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Shabby Dresser DIY

My WONDERFUL husband brought home a dresser last week...someone just gave him this for FREE! yes FREE...I know..I cant believe it either

Iv decided to post a DIY.
 I get questioned all the time about my pieces and the steps I take. So here we are.
DIY Instructions:
It was pretty simple. Since the whole surface was very slick, I chose to sand the whole dresser by hand so the paint would stick better.( Just did a little run through with sand paper all over the dresser). I then took the electrical sander to the top since my plan was to stain it.
*After sanding make sure to wipe it down to get all the dust and sand particles, especially if your going to be staining.
Staining: Most all containers have there preferred instructions on the label, on this piece I took a sponge brush and brushed a good layer of stain on the top of the dresser and then wiped dry with a throw away rag. FYI you might want to put on gloves with this part of the process. Stain is not your skins friend :)
Next just choose your paint color and get to painting the rest of the dresser. This piece took about two coats.
After your paint is good and dry...distress it to your own preference. It will ALWAYS turn out good :)
The thing about SHABBY is .. its not perfect :)
Originally I was going to paint the old handles white and distress, but I decided to go buy new ones since I didnt spend a penny on it anyways.
Hope this helps!

Love the finished look!


Shabby Picture Frame DIY

Do you have picture frames laying round that you haven't used yet?
Or is it just me?
"I have so many from either gifts or just goodwill shopping lol"
If you do..why not shabby it up :)
My Supplies:
Picture Frame
Shabby Scrapbook Paper
Book Pages (you can cut)
Paint your picture frame and color you like. Most pastel colors are best for the shabby look though. Then once dryed sand where you like.
Easy Peasy
This picture frame had photo slots already in it but if yours does not you can make your own.
Simply glue your scrapbook paper over the picture slot paper provided and cut out the areas needed.
Take random scrapbook pieces and book pages to cut out a flower shape. Make them different sizes. Then take a pencil and roll the pedals of the flower. The tack you will use to hold all the flower pieces together. Make as many flowers as you like. Just be creative!
 Where Im Linked :)
Check it out
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Crafty Confessions

A Diamond in the Stuff
Memories by the Mile
Home Stories A2Z
nap-time creations

Chevron End Tables DIY

I am absolutely in love with the chevron pattern! Its becoming very popular in the pinterest world and I just love seeing the projects people are doing with it.
After purchasing these cheap wooden end table I was finally able to create my own CHEVRON PROJECT :)
If your like me once you get started you realize applying chevron isn't as easy as it looks :/  so I visited THIS blog and it helped wonders! 
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DIY Strawberry Sorbet

Happy Valentines Day!
This is, by far, the best strawberry sorbet recipe.
Its so yummy and HEALTHY!
Iv been making pink and red deserts all month so when I came across this post I was super excited to try!
You wont be sorry!
Here's how mine turned out!
I also made THESE last night too. However we ate them before I could snap a picture :(


Reminder for Personal Progress

I needed a reminder idea for the young womens personal progress.
So where do we go to..... PINTEREST :)
of course I switched it into my own style,
But they really enjoyed it and its such a super cute idea

I'v also made a list of my favorites you might enjoy with PP reminders
-Click the links to check out pages with more ideas :)

Put your heart into personal progress

Hop to it - Get going on Personal Progress

Pencil in time for personal progress

Stick to in ..personal progress

Personal Progress - a pattern for life

You will be AMAZED


Cute Chicks do Personal Progress

Personal Progress is like bubbles, it can really lift you up (attached to a bottle of bubbles)

Do your Personal Progress and see what develops (attach a piece of undeveloped film to the card) 

"Shell" we do our Personal Progress (attach a sea shell to the card)

Personal Progress can make you glow (attach to a candle)

SHHhhh! I'm working on my Personal Progress (put it on one of those cards you can hang from your bedroom door)

"Chews" to do Personal Progress (attach a piece of gum to the card)

Try Gummie Bears with "We are 'beary' proud" of your goals achieved in Personal Progress.

Get hooked on Personal Progess! (attach Swedish Fish)

"Chip" in and do your Personal Progress - or Personal Progress: CHIP in and do your part (bag of chips)

Rise to the top by doing your Personal Progress. (Balloon)

Personal Progress can be SEW much fun. (Needle and Thread)

Pencil in a time for Personal Progress. (Attached to a pencil)

Completing your goals reflects your individual worth. (Mirror)

Just popped by to remind you to do your Personal Progress. (Microwave popcorn)

Reaching your goals is a piece of cake. (Could use cake mix or something)

Completing your goals is as easy as pie (piece of pie)

You'd have to be NUTS not to do your PP. (Bag of mixed nuts)

Discover your potential and do your PP (magnifying glass or toy telescope)

Have a ball doing your personal progress (giant gum ball or small bouncy ball)

Stick to your goals (Stickers or gum)

Making goals can CHANGE your life (Chocolate coins)

Push forward and complete your personal progress (Candy pushpop)

Do Personal Progress and SHINE (candle)

Let your true colors show with Personal Progress (crayons)

Make time for PP. (Candy watch)

Brush up on your PP (Toothbrush or doll brush)

Just a reminder to do your PP (Sticky reminder notes)
PP is a bright idea! (Candle or small flashlight)

Polish up on your goals. (Fingernail polish)

Whistle while you work and do PP (candy whistle)

Here's a tip: Do your Personal Progress (pencil)

Completing your goals is worth more than a grand (100 grand candy bar)

Do something with BLOOM and give a flower.

Say something like: " Create fun memories with PP" and do something with a Scrapbook page.

Talk about them being a sweetheart and give Sweetarts.

Do a cute lion punchart and say something like "I'm not LION when I say Personal Progress is fun"