Kitchen Stool Updo DIY

Thanks to Pinterest my cottage looking kitchen know has the cutest stools :)
eekk I'm so happy!
They started out as simple Plain Jane Stools
Then I simply sanded and spray painted the top for the finishing "pop thru" color
Once dryed I placed a number that was cut out from lamanated paper on top.
Then with just ONE coat of white paint and some distressing...Wahla :)
Its darling! The second stool will have a 2 on it. Perfect for a cottage theme.
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Their DONE!!


DIY Planter

 DIY Planter
This is really fun and super easy!
I was at Home Depo not to long ago and found these awesome cactus's :) I knew exactly where I wanted to put them when I bought them :) I have an old fish bowl that was perfect for them!
Who wants a plan fish bowl? NOT ME :D
 So I decided to snazz it up a bit. I used painters tape to shape out the area I wanted painted, and then used some plastic Walmart bags to block off the area I didn't want painted...since I was using spray paint.
an then WALLAH...perfect!!
I only let it dry for about two hours and it was fine.
Isn't it cute :)

 http://www.theshabbycreekcottage.com/" target="_blank">http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb119/tightwadtips/SCCTTBadge.png
" border="0" alt="shabby creek cottage" />




DIY Side Table

DIY Side Table!
It turned out super cute and a Grand Total of...ready...
Unfortunately I did not take pictures of the process in making it but I did however do Before and Afters :) YAY!!
I found this table at a yard sale or 2$! Just looking at it I saw its potential. The leg was broken off but nothing a little wood glue couldn't fix :) or in my case A Lot :) Then I bought the tacks from the dollar store for 1$
which if you go over to HERE and check out the tutorial she uses dollar store brand as well, But like she mentions if your OCD, DO NOT get dollar store brand because some are shaped a tad different.
But Check It Out!! :)