Our Day of Service

Those who live only for themselves eventually shrivel up and figuratively lose their lives, while those who lose themselves in service to others grow and flourish—and in effect save their lives. -Thomas S. Monson
We are so excited to share Our Day of Service!
Our hearts had the biggest smile by the end of the day, Its such an amazing feeling seeing someone smile because of a simple act of kindness.
We want our daughter to always have an inner desire to always help others. So what better way then taking a day to do nothing BUT that!
To begin our day we left our mail lady some yummy Valentine treats along with a little note to show how much we are thankful for her service.
We have our trash men some yummy Valentine treats and thank you note as well, however our trash doesn't run till Tuesday :( will just wait :)
While purchasing the Valentine candy we decided it would be nice to buy our cashier a candy bar :) so Audre picked a Kit Kat (king size) and after ringing up gave it to her! -She was so surprised.
Also while at the store Audre placed a quarter in ALL of the bubble gum machines. Wish we could have seen the kids face that found it :)
We then went to the public library (that we love o so much) and gave the librarians (that we love o so much) some goody bags we made for them. They were so happy.
We also gave the librarians bookmarks that we hand made for them to pass out.
We hid kind letters (Example: smile you are beautiful) in library books.
And Audre's favorite! we hid a Dollar in a children's book :)
Then we went to the laundry mate and left a bottle of laundry detergent with a note that said "Please enjoy this random act of kindness".
We also left change in a baggie of the vending machine with the same note :)
Off we went again.. :) this time we left popcorn bags at 4 Redbox stations :)

After that it was lunch time so we decided to go to good ole McDonald's. While in the drive thru I paid for the person behind me meal. :) I felt so happy :)

After lunch we visited the Fire Station to drop off some Valentine cupcakes and a Thank you letter :) They were so grateful and even let Audre sit in the BIG Fire Truck...she was so excited!
We then brought 4 chocolate roses to the local nursing home and asked the lady behind the desk to give them to people that can have chocolate or just needed a pick me up :)
We then went to the dollar store and hide a dollar in the toy section, Audre wanted to tell everyone but we decided to keep it a secret :)
While at the dollar store we purchased 2 get well balloons to take to the Cancer Center in the City. We asked the nurse to give it to people that were alone or in need of a smile. They were so excited and knew just who to give them to. However they had just come out of surgery so we couldn't take it in ourselves :( but we had a pretty good time in the recovery room talking to LOTS of people. Everyone just adored Audre :)
On the way home we stopped by the post office and mailed some Long Distance Hugs off to our family in North Carolina. They were so fun to make! Click here to see how to make one.

AND last...for today :).... we went to the park and left 2 jump robes randomly for kids to find :)

Have you done any good in the world today?
Remember, just a smile can make someones day :)
Hope you enjoyed and inspires you to do a random act of kindness!



Anonymous said...

What y'all did makes me smile so big!! Such great parenting!!!

Anonymous said...

That is amazing holly! Audre has such awesome parents that are teaching her to be so kind. Which is a huge blessing. Love you all. - lala

Brenda H said...

This is an amazing story! Your daughter will remember this for a long time and you did so much good for other people

Net, the Movie Blogger said...

Oh my goodness, I just loved reading this post and how giving you are... as well as creative!

I was blessed by reading your post and feel inspired to give more of myself to others. IN Big or small ways... we can all touch someone else and bring them joy!

God bless you!!!