Shabby Picture Frame DIY

Do you have picture frames laying round that you haven't used yet?
Or is it just me?
"I have so many from either gifts or just goodwill shopping lol"
If you do..why not shabby it up :)
My Supplies:
Picture Frame
Shabby Scrapbook Paper
Book Pages (you can cut)
Paint your picture frame and color you like. Most pastel colors are best for the shabby look though. Then once dryed sand where you like.
Easy Peasy
This picture frame had photo slots already in it but if yours does not you can make your own.
Simply glue your scrapbook paper over the picture slot paper provided and cut out the areas needed.
Take random scrapbook pieces and book pages to cut out a flower shape. Make them different sizes. Then take a pencil and roll the pedals of the flower. The tack you will use to hold all the flower pieces together. Make as many flowers as you like. Just be creative!
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