Shabby Side Table

Last piece for today is my Shabby Side Table.
Iv had this table for almost four years, once upon a time
it was used in our living room but its been in storage since.
I have no clue why I haven't worked on it or even thought
about it. But I am definitely in love with the outcome.
Sorry for not having a before picture :( slipped my mind.

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Kitchen Table makeover

My biggest project so far for me, has been this kitchen table :/
But all the hard work and time has deff paid off :)
We found this lovely piece on the side of the road.
I guess other people would have just looked at this as trash,
but in my eyes I could deff see potential.

The longest part of this project was removing the peeling
veneer. There is however an amazing blogger that has a
tutorial just for this click HERE to see.

Once that part was done and sanded all that was left
was staining and painting

Don't forget the best part....distressing :)

Look how awesome this "trash" turned out

Rustic Bed Frame

Its been while since I have posted, but don't think I haven't been busy!
I'll actually be posting three separate projects :)
Yup .. that busy!
For the Rustic Bed Frame I really didn't have to do much work.
You see my sweet wonderful Mother-in-law allowed me to scavenge
through her barn a couple weeks ago and this little treasure was found.
It WAS a site to see but with a little tender love and care its perfect.
After just sanding it the imperfections made it perfect :)
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Desk Makeover DIY

Shabby Desk Makeover
I have to say I'm in love with this piece, I will be sad seeing it go :(
The instructions for this is the same as the shabby dresser in one of my earlier post. Click here to see.
Hope you like :)
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Coffee Table DIY

My latest Project, A Shabby Coffee Table
Turned out super cute!
  • Find a super cute shabby color you love! Iv found that most pastel colors are the greatest for that cottage look :)
  • Now the original surface of the table seemed to be indestructible and even rocks couldn't scratch the surface so..... I used plain white primer so that the paint would stick for the finial color.
  • Once that was done I painted that whole table my awesome mint green color.
  • Then once dried, distress away! like I said in my shabby dresser post, the great thing about wanting a piece to be shabby is that it is not perfect. So you can stop distressing whenever you feel its at that perfect look your searching for :)
BTW I bought this coffee table for..... ready..... 5$
how awesome is that!
Hope you love it!
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Memories by the Mile


Pallet Wall Decor DIY

I finally found a stencil I would like on my wall! :)
Take a look!!!
Supply list
wood pallet
Internet (unless you already have a stencil)
I tore my wood pallet apart and cut and lined them to the size I wanted for my wall.
Next nail them in place.
The hardest part is the stencil, unless you have your own or you can find one at the store you like. I went on the Internet to find mine...then you just BLOW in up to the size you need and put white pieces of paper over your screen to trace...easy and CHEAP :)
Once you cut out your stencil just lay it on top of your wall pallet and sponge paint over. Its OK if a little gets under or out of place because the look is suppose to be shabby.
Just have fun with it :)
Then lift the stencil and let it dry!
Taahdaa :)


Retro Chevron DIY

Yes its another!
I just love chevron pattern!
I purchased this side table from a yard sale for 5$
Since it wasn't expensive I wanted to experiment on it with Mod Podge. I have yet to use it on furniture.
Supply List
Paint of choice
Scrapbook Paper or fabric of choice
Mod Podge
First I applied the paint. This table required two coats.
The top piece however I covered with mod podge and laid my chevron scrapbook paper carefully over. Then applied two more coats of mod podge over the scrapbook paper.
Easy as that! and cheap (my favorite part) :)
I think it looks Retro :)
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Shabby Dresser DIY

My WONDERFUL husband brought home a dresser last week...someone just gave him this for FREE! yes FREE...I know..I cant believe it either

Iv decided to post a DIY.
 I get questioned all the time about my pieces and the steps I take. So here we are.
DIY Instructions:
It was pretty simple. Since the whole surface was very slick, I chose to sand the whole dresser by hand so the paint would stick better.( Just did a little run through with sand paper all over the dresser). I then took the electrical sander to the top since my plan was to stain it.
*After sanding make sure to wipe it down to get all the dust and sand particles, especially if your going to be staining.
Staining: Most all containers have there preferred instructions on the label, on this piece I took a sponge brush and brushed a good layer of stain on the top of the dresser and then wiped dry with a throw away rag. FYI you might want to put on gloves with this part of the process. Stain is not your skins friend :)
Next just choose your paint color and get to painting the rest of the dresser. This piece took about two coats.
After your paint is good and dry...distress it to your own preference. It will ALWAYS turn out good :)
The thing about SHABBY is .. its not perfect :)
Originally I was going to paint the old handles white and distress, but I decided to go buy new ones since I didnt spend a penny on it anyways.
Hope this helps!

Love the finished look!