Coffee Table DIY

My latest Project, A Shabby Coffee Table
Turned out super cute!
  • Find a super cute shabby color you love! Iv found that most pastel colors are the greatest for that cottage look :)
  • Now the original surface of the table seemed to be indestructible and even rocks couldn't scratch the surface so..... I used plain white primer so that the paint would stick for the finial color.
  • Once that was done I painted that whole table my awesome mint green color.
  • Then once dried, distress away! like I said in my shabby dresser post, the great thing about wanting a piece to be shabby is that it is not perfect. So you can stop distressing whenever you feel its at that perfect look your searching for :)
BTW I bought this coffee table for..... ready..... 5$
how awesome is that!
Hope you love it!
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Nicole said...

Very nice! You did a great job. What a find for $5!

Anonymous said...

super easy - what type of finish did you use for the paint? satin? and did you have to wax it after painting?