Kitchen Table makeover

My biggest project so far for me, has been this kitchen table :/
But all the hard work and time has deff paid off :)
We found this lovely piece on the side of the road.
I guess other people would have just looked at this as trash,
but in my eyes I could deff see potential.

The longest part of this project was removing the peeling
veneer. There is however an amazing blogger that has a
tutorial just for this click HERE to see.

Once that part was done and sanded all that was left
was staining and painting

Don't forget the best part....distressing :)

Look how awesome this "trash" turned out


Anonymous said...

What color of stain did you use for the top? Love how it turned out!!

Holly Corley said...

Hi thank you. Glad you like it :) I used regular stain. I forget the name but you can buy it pretty much at any hardware store. It comes in that quart size yellow an brown bottle. I brushed it on an then wiped off with rag. You can poly as well but I chose not to cause I like the shabby look. Thanks again for stopping by :)