Pallet Wall Decor DIY

I finally found a stencil I would like on my wall! :)
Take a look!!!
Supply list
wood pallet
Internet (unless you already have a stencil)
I tore my wood pallet apart and cut and lined them to the size I wanted for my wall.
Next nail them in place.
The hardest part is the stencil, unless you have your own or you can find one at the store you like. I went on the Internet to find mine...then you just BLOW in up to the size you need and put white pieces of paper over your screen to trace...easy and CHEAP :)
Once you cut out your stencil just lay it on top of your wall pallet and sponge paint over. Its OK if a little gets under or out of place because the look is suppose to be shabby.
Just have fun with it :)
Then lift the stencil and let it dry!
Taahdaa :)

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