Shabby Dresser DIY

My WONDERFUL husband brought home a dresser last week...someone just gave him this for FREE! yes FREE...I know..I cant believe it either

Iv decided to post a DIY.
 I get questioned all the time about my pieces and the steps I take. So here we are.
DIY Instructions:
It was pretty simple. Since the whole surface was very slick, I chose to sand the whole dresser by hand so the paint would stick better.( Just did a little run through with sand paper all over the dresser). I then took the electrical sander to the top since my plan was to stain it.
*After sanding make sure to wipe it down to get all the dust and sand particles, especially if your going to be staining.
Staining: Most all containers have there preferred instructions on the label, on this piece I took a sponge brush and brushed a good layer of stain on the top of the dresser and then wiped dry with a throw away rag. FYI you might want to put on gloves with this part of the process. Stain is not your skins friend :)
Next just choose your paint color and get to painting the rest of the dresser. This piece took about two coats.
After your paint is good and dry...distress it to your own preference. It will ALWAYS turn out good :)
The thing about SHABBY is .. its not perfect :)
Originally I was going to paint the old handles white and distress, but I decided to go buy new ones since I didnt spend a penny on it anyways.
Hope this helps!

Love the finished look!

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