Check it out!
Customer project is almost done :)
Thought I would go ahead an show it off
I only have three more chairs to go along
with it.
I'm in love with the rustic look.
Very Country

Hope you like :)
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Laundry Room Sign DIY

Its not furniture... but its super cute!
I had some scrap pallet wood left
over and couldn't let it go to waste.

Pinteret Inspired
Here's a tutorial that helped me
with the burlap bow, I just added

Enjoy Friends
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Victorian Chair

I am VERY proud of this project.
Sadly :( I keep kicking myself in the
behind for this....I didn't get a before
picture :(
I have had this chair for about two months
but I haven't had the time to dedicate to it.
I knew once I started working on it, I
wasn't going to rush. :) It deff paid off
LOOK I even made the pillow :)

The two links posted is references
I used to help me in the process.
ONE- Is for the reupholstering.
TWO- Is for the flowers made for the pillow.

Are you mesmerized?
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Shabby Chic End Table

This Vintage Shabby Chic end table
is finally finished. I kept pushing it
to the side for my bigger pieces that
needed to get done. Now that it is
done :) It would be a lovely accent piece
in any shabby or cottage chic home :)

Hope you like it :)
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Sewing Table DIY

I'm really in love with this one ..
My wonderful husband found this beautiful
piece on the side of the road :O
It was missing handles, so that was the only
thing I had to purchase. I do have some
spare handles but none perked my interest
for the sewing table.
And for the rest....painting and sanding
Paint and sand paper..
they were meant to be together :)
You cant stop love!

Hope you just adore it! :)
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Orange Peel Cleaner

You have to try this!
Why wouldn't you!?
  its cheap....and totally easy


Mason jar
White vinegar

Fill your mason jar about three quarters
of the way full with orange peel.
(Don't forget to enjoy your delicious
oranges (: )
Then simply pour your white vinegar
till all the orange peels are covered.
Seal the top and wait two weeks.
After two weeks strain your liquid for half
an half with water :)

You have a multi purpose cleaner :)