Victorian Chair

I am VERY proud of this project.
Sadly :( I keep kicking myself in the
behind for this....I didn't get a before
picture :(
I have had this chair for about two months
but I haven't had the time to dedicate to it.
I knew once I started working on it, I
wasn't going to rush. :) It deff paid off
LOOK I even made the pillow :)

The two links posted is references
I used to help me in the process.
ONE- Is for the reupholstering.
TWO- Is for the flowers made for the pillow.

Are you mesmerized?
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Anonymous said...

Wow. Great job! Talk about a major transformation. This would have been one bad ugly chair. Thanks to the 1970's El Sid Spanish designs. I too wish you'd taken a before pic. I will attest, you've done an amazing job.